The Arrowhead, A Lake Superior Portfolio
By Nathanael Kuenzli

Foreword by Craig Blacklock

Kuenzli Publishing, Grand Marais, 2010. Hardbound, 80 pp., 43 Color Photographs, 10x8".

Book Description
A collection of photographs displaying the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of the region, The Arrowhead, A Lake Superior Portfolio is a striking tableau of Lake Superior’s north shore. Minnesota’s Arrowhead is a region of beauty beloved by many, and Kuenzli effectively captures its many moods throughout the changing seasons—the vivid glory of fall, the cool serenity of winter and the lush greens of spring and summer.

In this, his first book, Kuenzli shares 43 photographs painstakingly composed to offer an intimate glimpse of the region he calls home. Perceived through the lens of a large format view camera, the photographs span a period of seven years inspired by the ever-changing landscape of trees, water, rock and sky.

Excerpt from Foreword
"For Nathanael Kuenzli, the landscape of the Arrowhead is not a vacation escape, it does not serve as metaphor, nor as an antidote to a different life — it simply exists as his home. Perhaps this is why his photographs of the land are so honest, with no pretense or romanticism.

For those of us who must live most of our lives further south, Nathanael’s images provide a portal into this land and lakescape. He has been there for us, revealing his world with the intimacy and straightforward delivery that could only be possible when the artist can call the landscape home."

Craig Blacklock, 2010

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